"Yoga gives you the chance to observe what it feels like to be in your body in that particular moment"

Vicky Fox
Yoga Instructor, London

Yoga Classes

Vicky teaches regular classes around London, including at The Power Yoga Company, The Life Centre and TRIYOGA in Camden and Chelsea.

Yoga Workshops

We have various workshops running this year including Radiating Heart, Expanding The Side Body, Fire Up Your Twists plus many more.

Yoga Retreats

Why not join Vicky for a retreat to the stunning island of Ithaca, Greece, Bordeaux in France or perhaps the picturesque bay of Aigualava in Spain.

"I have been practicing yoga since 1997 and have used the tools that I have learnt from yoga in every aspect of my life. No matter how challenging things are yoga gives me the opportunity to pause and breathe. I might be powerless to what life throws at me but I can control how I respond. It is incredibly empowering."