"I absolutely love that you offer the yoga for cancer class - I can't tell you how much this brightens up my week and allows me to meet other people like me who are going through treatment. And Vicky is wonderful. It's a strange thing to go through cancer treatment at a reasonably young age (or any age I imagine) because you go from having a busy life and career to having to stop much of this and many of the people I have spoken to have, like me, feel a lack of purpose and a bit lost. The yoga for cancer class as Triyoga gives us something to look forward to, a reason to get out of the house and do something nurturing for ourselves, and it gives us a sense of purpose. I have always loved Triyoga and still try to attend other classes which I adore, but I wanted you to know how much this class means to me."

Thank you xX

"At just over 6 weeks post cancer op, I recently attended my first ‘yoga for cancer’ class offered for free at Ealing with Vicky Fox.

As I don’t normally practice yoga, and being so early into my post op recovery, I was a little scared as I didn’t know what to expected.

However, I was completely blown away by Vicky. She clearly has such intuition and passion for teaching this class. I felt completely looked after whilst she provided a calm safe and compassionate environment with appropriate adjustments for my particular needs.

I can’t begin to thank Vicky and Triyoga for providing this class. It’s hard to find a safe place but the support from Vicky and the added bonus of the community feel of the class, (with a tea afterwards to chat to others) is a real blessing during such a rough time.

I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to gain mobility and strength and for the general relaxation and well-being"

I was ready to make my excuses but nonetheless went to my regular Monday class expecting replacement teacher so was happy to find the fantastic Vicky Fox back from the summer and installed in her top floor eyrie of the newly refurbished Life Centre. Breathing/Coughing was indeed an issue but by the end of the 1 1/2 hours it had improved significantly thanks to her gentle persistence. The quality of practice both movement and breath is so different to when I try do to this on my own..... so when she asks at the end of the class to think of something or someone you are grateful for I don't have to look far; I have attended her class since my diagnosis almost two years ago so continued throughout chemo and surgeries "there is always an adaptation' and I am sure it has helped me stay physically and mentally more centred and strong than I otherwise would have been. A lifeline.


“Having practiced yoga with many different teachers, I see that Vicky has the rare qualities of exceptional teachers: she is fully present, heart-centered and dedicated to her students. She is a wonderful listener and brings a warm attention to each person she teaches. After her classes, I feel energised, stronger and calmer physically and emotionally.”


"I am so thrilled to have found Vicky. My Lymphoedema responds well to 'Yoga for Cancer' and I always feel buoyed by Vicky's compassion and caring. I do wonder if I might have escaped Lymphoedema if I'd found Vicky during treatment; who knows!"


"Victoria Fox - (Tri) Yoga Therapist, offers all the nutrients to positively impact your cancer journey far beyond any expectation! Both highly professional yet gently empathic - She exudes optimism and therapeutic energy. I'll confide in you. As a Pilates fan and yoga sceptic, I reluctantly tried out Vicky's class at Triyoga Chelsea this summer. 10 weeks post surgery for cervical cancer and in aggressive chemo. My mind, body and spirit had taken a beating.

After just 2 classes with Vicky I started to feel back in my body. I connected with suppressed emotions in asanas Vicky taught - which was a welcome release after the months of tension and fear I had held on to. I began to unravel. If you are lucky enough to come across this remarkable and inspiring trauma sensitive yoga therapist - wherever you are on your journey, embrace her and the process. She is a pure gift. Just when you may be giving up on the world."


"18 months ago I was diagnosed with leukemia. 8 months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Vicky Fox. My first lesson at Vicky's yoga class I was tearful and very anxious. Vicky welcomed me to her yoga for cancer patients class and all my tension and anxieties melted away.

Vicky is a brilliant yoga teacher and a kind and caring person. I always finish the yoga class feeling so much calmer and relaxed.

I just wish Vicky did this class 3 times a week instead of once. Vicky, thank you for everything."

Lancaster Gate

"I had my first Yoga class with Vicky in May, I had never done Yoga before or anything like it! After being so ill, I felt I wanted to do something that would help me. The classes are small so Vicky can help each person, the Yoga is very gentle - we all do as much or as little as we can manage. I really enjoy the class and feel so much calmer and energized after each lesson and look forward to seeing Vicky each week - as she is a wonderful teacher."

Notting Hill

"Vicky has an extraordinary empathy with cancer suffers. Cancer is stressful not only physically but mentally and her unique yoga classes take account of this. Vicky teaches calming breathing exercises and gentle stretching routines that relax and uplift.

Thoroughly recommended."


"I have been coming to this class for a few months now and I find it most enjoyable. It has also helped me regain my flexibility and I am feeling quite a bit stronger now - both physically and mentally - which I am very happy about.

Thank you Vicky."

Notting Hill

"I thought the yoga workshop I attended with Vicky Fox was simply wonderful. It was exactly at the pace I needed and it was so clear and soothing and strong yet gentle. Vicky Fox is a very special person and able to teach beautifully so that the spirit of joy rising within. It was very uplifting for me, having had cancer and I would not hesitate to recommend her. She is inspirational and a master of her art. Also the atmosphere, the welcome and the beauty were all very marked, almost palpable sense of welcome and wellbeing.

Thank you."

When I first went to yoga, after being sent by my wife, I wondered why I was suddenly in a room - as the only man - sitting on a mat thinking about the illness that had just struck me. How far this was from the world I was used to. Then the lesson started. My mind was taken away from the harrowing thought of the disease, and my body demonstrated that it could still breath and move. And I suddenly felt great.

I then made yoga a part of my routine. It turned out to be the best part of the complimentary therapy I received. Not only did it distract my mind and strengthen my body through the lessons, but it equipped me with the mental tools to optimally deal with the treatment days, the scans, the hours spent in waiting rooms ahead of consultant appointments and the merits of mindfulness... there is a great deal of strength (physical and mental) that can be gained through yoga, all the more important during one of the most trying moments of one’s life.

The person who made this all happen was Vicky. She has such an experience with cancer patients that she is able to perfectly tailor her lessons to you - without asking too many probing questions. Because she just knows. I would actively encourage all men diagnosed with cancer to take up yoga as quickly as possible.

JR Robins

Vicky teaches regular yoga classes around London, including at The Power Yoga Company, The Life Centre and TRIYOGA in Camden and Chelsea.