The health benefits of Yoga

Yoga gives you a chance to observe what it feels like to be in your body in that particular moment and start to become aware of what it feels like to be you.

On a physical level yoga helps us to become more flexible and to build strength in our body, to be aware of our breathing patterns and areas of tension or tiredness in our muscles and joints.

Yoga though really is a practice of breathing, consciously linking breath and body. The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings for example if we are distracted we lose control of our breathing, if we are in pain it shows in our breathing.

The yogic concept is that the body is made up of many layers or koshas and that each layer is nourished by the layer beneath it.

As you start to practice yoga you notice your breathing patterns, your levels of energy and your emotional body. You really start to be aware that they are linked, that the breath is the link between the inner and outer body.

Vicky teaches regular yoga classes around London, including at The Power Yoga Company, The Life Centre and TRIYOGA in Camden and Chelsea.