Since qualifying in 2008 Vicky has studied with many world renowned teachers such as Aadil Palkhivala, Rod Stryker, Doug Keller and Julie Gudmestad.

Vicky’s teaching style is based around her own varied experience of yoga and through that has created a physically challenging class developing strength and suppleness while emphasising alignment and precision. All the time believing that yoga should be an individual and safe practice.

Vicky is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a senior registered yoga teacher and teaches at triyoga in Camden and Chelsea, The Life Centre, The Power Yoga Company and Paul’s Cancer Support Centre. She is also teaches applied anatomy on Julie Montagu’s teacher training course and has an extensive private client base.

In 2013 Vicky studied with Laura Kupperman on her “Yoga for Survivors” teacher training course and is now teaching yoga to cancer patients at any stage of their recovery. The classes are designed to provide a safe refuge to come and practice yoga, to build strength, increase range of motion and reduce stress. The classes should help you sleep better, feel less fatigued and enjoy a better quality of life.

Why Yoga is important to me...

I injured my back messing around in my garden doing backbends when I wasn't properly warmed up. I have scoliosis of my spine and dehydrated discs at L4-L5.

For weeks after I had limited range of motion and was in constant pain. Pain makes you very short tempered, cross and tired. I was unable to practice yoga and even sitting in the car I had to have my hands by my side to support me as my back couldn't. For about 3 months I lost the sensation in my right foot and right shin.

I promised to myself as I lay on the floor in tears that I would be kinder to myself and more compassionate. That I would listen to my body and become a better teacher if only I could begin to heal.

My daily yoga practiced changed after that - well it had to firstly because of my back - but once I started to get more mobility I realised that I needed to take time everyday to just observe. Observe what it felt like to be me. Areas that felt tight, areas that were harder to breath into, how my energy was and how my mind felt.

I try to bring that into my classes. Be Kind. Be compassionate. Learn to listen to your body. That the only way your body can talk to you is through the sensations that you feel. However those sensations may be subtle so you need to start to be in tune with what it feels like to be you so you can adapt your practice to respect that. Whether your practice is a Vinyasa flowing practice, a more restorative healing practice, you are a new to yoga or been practicing for years. An advanced practice is learning to do less not more.

Vicky teaches regular yoga classes around London, including at The Power Yoga Company, The Life Centre and TRIYOGA in Camden and Chelsea.